The best Lawyer in Town - 4 Steps to Success

We all want to be a lawyer one day. A successful one, preferably. But how do we get there? How do we overcome the status quo and shadow the rest?
In school we've all been used to be one of the best, maybe even been THE BEST (congrats if that was you, hon). But now that the best High Schoolers have almost exclusively been accepted into Law and Med Schools, a selection has taken place and all of us who are kind of used to being one of the smartest, one of the most successful in High School, are suddenly in midst a pile of eager smarty-pants who are all intelligent and all interested and hard-working. It's not easy being the best here now, is it?
It's a draining thought and not a nice feeling indeed, yet I try not to let this pull me down too much. Even if your exams turn out "bad", remember, in Law School, if you just pass, it's still "good". And only geniuses really ever ace an exam. You do not need to be that. You never need to be a genius or anything of that sort.
Do the best you can, always. Be the very best Law Student you can possibly be. Give a thousand percent, no matter how low your expectations on yourself may be (side note: don't expect too much of you but c'mon, be realistic; you're awesome and you can totally slay this).

However, to be able to give the very most, it is important to take a few steps towards the success you want to achieve. It doesn't come all by itself, you gotta give it a little push in the right direction.

Here I have some tipps on succeeding. You should be able to adapt these to High School, too, if you're still in it, or to any other kind of School, really.

1. Passion
Daily Motivational Quotes – iHearts143QuotesWhen you develop a passion for what you're doing, you're usually very motivated to do it = you get a lot of work done + your interest in the topic allows you to dive deeper and the results are usually pretty detailed and significant.
Passion also allows you to be happy while working which is -obviously- such an advantage from any point of view. It's self-explainitory but you have a lower risk for depression or other mental illnesses and also don't feel as overwhelmed when studying.
Subjects you're passionate about, come to you more naturally and are just overall so much fun!
So, don't expect success if you hate the subject/topic (also, don't feel pressured to finish studying Law just because you started. If you don't like it, do something else. The opportunities are endless).

2. Work
This may seem obvious but still sometimes we forget that -oh, right!- we gotta do something in order to succeed. Always do the work you have to get done. Always do what is expected of you. -But more! Do more than what is necessary and eventually you will become good at it. Just do the work, no matter how much afford it takes or how many nerves it kills. Don't stop because it sucks. Don't stop until you're where you want to be. And even then, I bet you can do more. And in Law School (from what I've heard), more = better.
Just push through it! You can do it, sister. And when times get really rough, sip a cup of tea and breathe, then continue to take baby steps towards changing the world.

3. Focus
How to be successful.jpgDon't get distracted. Not only in small, everyday forms, like giving cuddles to your dog instead of writing the assignment, or binge watching Netflix the day before an exam.
But also don't get sucked into other forms of attention demanding time consumers, like toxic people, other persons' problems, etc.
Also, try to focus on your end goal and split that into little goals that you can concentrate on in order to reach your main goal (A post on this will def follow).

4. Push through it
Like I mentioned in point 2, you gotta push yourself through the hard work that comes with studying such a demanding subject. Don't stop when it gets hard. See it as a challenge that gives you the opportunity to improve your skills and make you a better student/future lawyer. Boundaries are made to be broken. Live by that motto and do something challenging every day.
Well, hello there! Welcome to my little corner, full of inspiration and pretty words. My name is...If you don't push yourself to the very end, how are you ever going to be successful? Just do it. Grit your teeth and get to it! Never, ever stop just because it seems impossible. -It's not. In the end, when you did it, I bet there's a million people who are proud of you. And most importantly, I know you'll be proud of yourself for sure.
Push through self-doubt and shyness. But especially through failure. A bad grade does not determine your IQ and a failed exam does not mean you won't be the best lawyer in town.

I really hope these tips could help. If they did (or if you have further suggestions), please let me know in the comments bellow.

xx -Lady Lawyer


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