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School Supplies for Law School - A first Sem Student's Recommendations

First steps are always the hardest and probably the scariest of all. That's for life and especially for making such big changes as for example transitioning from High School to University.
 I personally had major respect for that transition, as I have quite bad anxiety and changes tend to really scare me. Hence I wanted to be as prepared as possible and definitely did my research on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g Law School related, including supplies and essentials for class and for studying.
I didn't actually find that much good advice except maybe on my favorite Law School blog, which is by Nikki Boyd.
Anyway. After two months of actually being in Law School I have tried out a few different methods and supplies and can now say that I am pretty happy with what I've figured out.
(! I will be doing a 2nd part of this post in Feb/March, after exam season to tell you exactly what I used for studying; so look forward to that!)

School supplies I use and work with in Law School:

·MacBook Pr…

How to feel less stressed as a Law Student - The Habit of working ahead

We all know the feeling. It's mid-semester, you kind of have a routine but kind of don't really keep to it because you kind of just want to give it all up immediately because you kind of feel reaaaaally overwhelmed at this point.

Don't worry, sister, I got you.

You can totally start over at any point of the year. Take a weekend to literally just catch up on everything you need to (Law School wise!!). But don't stop there. Obviously, we know it cannot continue to go on like that.
 No one wants to give up their entire life in order to catch up on school work. So, maybe it's time to rethink your study routine or the mindset you approach your work with. So here's the thing. When every lecture is a presentation of so much new information that you have to  work out and comprehend at the end of each day, school is not going to be great fun, I promise you that.

Sitting in a lecture without a clue about what the professor is talking about just leaves you feeling incomp…

A balanced life Pt.2 - Spending Quality Time as a Law Student

Studying Law is A LOT of work. It’s hard and can suck you up fully if you’re not careful.

 Law school is obviously on top of our priority lists, therefore, we can tend to forget that -oh hey- there is still a life out there that needs to be lived! In opposition to what everyone says, studying Law does absolutely not have to mean giving up that very life. It’s extremely important actually, to keep this balance between work and leisure time! 

You need to consciously schedule activities that have absolutely nothing to do with Law School into your weekly calendar so that you can keep a clear mind and a fair bit of joie de vivre!

These activities do not have to be fully unproductive. 
When you do something efficient as a study break, you tend to go back into studying with an immediate ability to concentrate and focus. 
These efficient breaks can consist of doing things by yourself or with other people. Hence I am going to part this article into two.

Part 2: Spending Time with Others (check out P…