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A balanced life Pt.1 - Taking me-time as a Law Student

Studying Law is A LOT of work. It’s hard and can suck you up fully if you’re not careful.

 Law school is obviously on top of our priority lists, therefore, we can tend to forget that -oh hey- there is still a life out there that needs to be lived! In opposition to what everyone says, studying Law does absolutely not have to mean giving up that very life. It’s extremely important actually, to keep this balance between work and leisure time! 
You need to consciously schedule activities that have absolutely nothing to do with Law School into your weekly calendar so that you can keep a clear mind and a fair bit of joie de vivre!
These activities do not have to be fully unproductive. 
When you do something efficient as a study break, you tend to go back into studying with an immediate ability to concentrate and focus. 
These efficient breaks can consist of doing things by yourself or with other people. Hence I am going to part this article into two.

Part 1: Me-Time
„Take care of yourself“
Here is …

Goals - why, how & when to set them

New Years resolutions are such a ridiculed thing these days. No one actually takes them seriously and even if so, no one ever holds onto them and makes them come true.
Now, I just wanna clarify, I did not realize the importance of setting and following goals until probably this year. Yet, this is an opportunity for both you and me to take on this journey together. So, common, follow me!

First off, the basics.

Goals do not have to be set at New Year's. You can set them whenever you like, if it's January 15th or October 27th. -And that's important to realize. Changes can be made at any time a year and even if you set your resolutions at the beginning of the year and didn't follow them up until now (as of mid/end October), doesn't mean you cannot still find start! You can begin drinking enough water on the very day you're reading this article. -Speaking of......Your goals can (and should) consist of much greater aims than drinking water or going to the gym. Set one …

The best Lawyer in Town - 4 Steps to Success

We all want to be a lawyer one day. A successful one, preferably. But how do we get there? How do we overcome the status quo and shadow the rest?
In school we've all been used to be one of the best, maybe even been THE BEST (congrats if that was you, hon). But now that the best High Schoolers have almost exclusively been accepted into Law and Med Schools, a selection has taken place and all of us who are kind of used to being one of the smartest, one of the most successful in High School, are suddenly in midst a pile of eager smarty-pants who are all intelligent and all interested and hard-working. It's not easy being the best here now, is it?
It's a draining thought and not a nice feeling indeed, yet I try not to let this pull me down too much. Even if your exams turn out "bad", remember, in Law School, if you just pass, it's still "good". And only geniuses really ever ace an exam. You do not need to be that. You never need to be a genius or anythi…

Dress to Impress - Building a Law School Wardrobe

If you like it or not, the first impression you give on someone is obviously based on your looks. Somebody sees you for the very first time and immediately puts some kind of label on you.
Wether this implies to your actual personality or not, there's definitely a certain stigma connected to somebody who's going to class in joggers and a sweater versus someone who shows up in suit and tie or a dress. Law students usually wear preppy clothes for a reason. Not necessarily to fit into a scheme, rather to come off as sophisticated, keen working and sincere. You can completely influence or even determine how you come across and how serious you're being taken by how you dress. Use that power!

 I am going to give you some tips in the following, but -please- always be yourself. Try to adapt these ideas onto your personal style because when you're uncomfortable in what you're wearing or if it just feels plain wrong, you're not going to get anywhere great with it. Peopl…

Know your Power - Going with your Intuition

Growing up, my biggest dream was to one day become supernatural. I didn’t care wether I‘d become a fairy, vampire, mermaid or witch. I just didn’t wanna be human. - I wanted to be special and to have special powers with which I could do stuff. I felt so limited in my powers by everyone around me that I didn’t even quite believe I had special capabilities at all. 
And I thought the only way to be unique and have some kind of power to change this world for the better was by becoming something „higher“ than human. 
And while I still haven’t stopped believing in magic and superpowers, I have learned by now, that they come in different forms and they are already in me and all I need to do is learn how to use them. 
One of my superpowers is love. I can love unconditionally, truly and madly. I have learned that this year. Another one is my ability to put myself in another person‘s positron; I can understand and feel other people without words.

But my very favorite superpower would have to be my …

Making School your Home - Easy DIY School Supplies

I think we can all agree that school can be suuuper boring *yawn*. From my experience, all regular classrooms (in High School as in College/Uni) usually look dull and grey.
The walls are plain and all desks look the same. There is just "so little scope for the imagination" (-Anne of Green Gables)!
The environment you are surrounded by pretty much determines your work ethic. If your environment feels cold and uncomfortable, how are you going to find the will to do great things?
Personally, I always prefer pretty surroundings, even in School. -Or maybe especially there.
Since many other aspects about class can already stress you out enough, it is helpful to do as much as you can to make your mobile workspace feel as comforting as possible.
By that I mean, making your limited space in class feel homy and personal. If you're a total introvert -like me- this may even be crucial.
I, for my part, can start experiencing serious anxiety when I feel uncomfortable with where I am o…

Studying - Starting is the hardest part

DECIDE while others are delaying. PREPARE while others are daydreaming. BEGIN while others are procrastinating. WORK while others are wishing. SAVE while others are wasting. LISTEN while others are talking. SMILE while others are frowning. PERSIST while others are quitting. -Unknown

 I touched on this in my latest blog post; starting is the hardest part.
And while this may sound like yet another petty saying, there really is a lot to it. Thinking about how hard it's gonna be, how awfully long it is gonna take, how much energy and afford it requires and how much rather you'd be watching the latest episode of "Suits" really does make starting a task seem like the most annoying thing to do right now.
 In uni, especially in Law School, it is extremely important to keep things in perspective. For you to stay on top of the game requires to stay motivated all throughout the years. Instead of seeing the assignment as a super unnecessary burden, try to think of it as an opp…

How to get motivated to study at any time of day

It's hard to find a start when it comes to studying. Especially when you're already exhausted by just the thought of all the work you have to get done. It's important to realize that, no matter what time a day, you can always find a way to get your head into the right zone, if only you're able to see the excitement of different day times. -Like the freshness of an early morning, always like a new chapter, a new chance to shine. Or the quiet of a late night, with PJs and hot chocolate. It is possible to find beauty at any hour and that, girls and boys, is what can make studying actually exciting.

Here are some *aesthetic* concepts that can help you get excited for studying all throughout the day (&night):

Early morning: fresh air and open windows, chirping birds, a cup of hot tea, writing to-do lists for the day, repeating what you learned late last night

Mid-Morning/ Pre-Lunch-Time: taking a walk, then sitting back down, clear brain, a cup of coffee, jumping right i…