Dress to Impress - Building a Law School Wardrobe

Wise words from Edith Head that we will add to our list of quotes to live by. If you like it or not, the first impression you give on someone is obviously based on your looks. Somebody sees you for the very first time and immediately puts some kind of label on you.
Wether this implies to your actual personality or not, there's definitely a certain stigma connected to somebody who's going to class in joggers and a sweater versus someone who shows up in suit and tie or a dress. Law students usually wear preppy clothes for a reason. Not necessarily to fit into a scheme, rather to come off as sophisticated, keen working and sincere. You can completely influence or even determine how you come across and how serious you're being taken by how you dress. Use that power!

 I am going to give you some tips in the following, but -please- always be yourself. Try to adapt these ideas onto your personal style because when you're uncomfortable in what you're wearing or if it just feels plain wrong, you're not going to get anywhere great with it. People can sense your mood and attitude, so always try to be true to your own style while still looking put-together!

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  1. Looking neat: clean your shoes; wash your clothes; wash and brush your hair; remove the cat hairs from your skirt; don't wear ripped pants or tights; hide your bra-straps, learn how to wrap a scarf the right way; organize your supplies. Just don't look messy, it irritates people and doesn't help your reputation.
  2. The right colors: black and blue always look sincere, so do white, creme and beige. However, pink, red or yellow can look just as put-together, if only you know how to combine them the right way. Don't be afraid to wear bold colors. Combining one bold color with black or white can look totally rad! And if you know how to work color-blocking, that can rock, too. Bright colors usually look more out-going, while soft and light colors (like baby-blue/-pink and pastels) come off as a little more reserved and conservative. So, whatever effect you want to achieve, it's you're choice! 
  3. Don't over-accesoirize: by that I mean, don't wear too many bracelets on one arm (etc.). Too much bling is distracting and can look cheap. A delicate little golden necklace or a pair of pearl earrings however, can totally grade up a look. Avoid wearing fake jewelry, or at least only wear it if it looks of higher value. Also, don't wear face piercings (like a nose ring) or too many earrings at once. Classy jewelry for example are pearls, small gold chains and diamonds. Keep it minimal though.
  4. Sexy is a no-no: It's simple. Just don't wear provocative clothes. Button up your shirt. Don't wear cleavage. Tight skirts and dresses can still look professional, if they are not too short (avoid anything higher than mid thigh).
  5. Be comfortable: even though you're trying to convince people through your impressive wardrobe here, you still need to do a good job doing your work. And from my own experience, you can't really do that if you're feeling restricted and caged in your o'-so-tight skirt. Go for something that looks professional, yet feels comfortable. Also: do your feet a favor and go for lower heels. It doesn't only hurt yourself to wear sky-high-heels but also comes across cheap and easy. Maybe stay within 1-3 inch.
  6. The essentials: A basic classy wardrobe isn't all too hard to built up. All you need is: a white and some striped oxford shirts, plain v-neck (or crew neck) sweaters, some cardigans, a trench coat (or some other pretty coat), a black or navy blazer + matching pants, some skirts and dresses that don't look provocative, simple belts, black and nude heels, some loafers. 
  7. Last but not least: You can never over-dress. You can literally never look to professional. If this helps: dress how you imagine yourself as a lawyer, not as a student.
This was so much fun to write hehe. I'm a sucker for fashion indeed.
Stay tuned for an Autumn/Winter look-book soon! 

xx -Lady Lawyer


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