A balanced life Pt.2 - Spending Quality Time as a Law Student

Studying Law is A LOT of work. It’s hard and can suck you up fully if you’re not careful.

One of the biggest things I have struggled with since going full time is finding a work/life balance. Yesterday I did something crazy and slowed down a bit in the morning… I took time to read, did ... Law school is obviously on top of our priority lists, therefore, we can tend to forget that -oh hey- there is still a life out there that needs to be lived! In opposition to what everyone says, studying Law does absolutely not have to mean giving up that very life. It’s extremely important actually, to keep this balance between work and leisure time! 

You need to consciously schedule activities that have absolutely nothing to do with Law School into your weekly calendar so that you can keep a clear mind and a fair bit of joie de vivre!
I am always in the hustle.  I am learning BALANCE.  About everything!  Not just about not working too much, but also about less social media & more real life instead. Travel, go out.  Social media is ok but NOT all day. Turn off your cell, laptop, TV.  & take MORE time to care for health, time with family, even pets. In short, LIVE! -Mari Marxuach

These activities do not have to be fully unproductive. 
When you do something efficient as a study break, you tend to go back into studying with an immediate ability to concentrate and focus. 
These efficient breaks can consist of doing things by yourself or with other people. Hence I am going to part this article into two.

Part 2: Spending Time with Others (check out Part 1: Me-time)
„Quality time“

Here is a list of ideas on how to spent time with others productively in between study sessions:

  • do a home workout together or 
  • go to a workout class
  • talk about your feelings
  • talk about the most random gossip
  • go christmas shopping
  • cook dinner for the week
  • plan outfits for events together
  • do your nails and chat about life
  • watch a Ted Talk and talk about it afterwards 
  • go volunteering
  • clear out your closets and give clothes to each other
  • call your parents/grandparents
  • faceTime a long distance friend
  • go see the new exhibition at your local museum
  • explore your city like a tourist
Or: do nothing! Simply doing nothing but together with a friend, still is productive in the sense that it distracts you from stress and can be an almost meditative experience.

(If you haven't already, check out part 1!)
xx -Lady Lawyer


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