Making School your Home - Easy DIY School Supplies

I think we can all agree that school can be suuuper boring *yawn*. From my experience, all regular classrooms (in High School as in College/Uni) usually look dull and grey.
The walls are plain and all desks look the same. There is just "so little scope for the imagination" (-Anne of Green Gables)!
The environment you are surrounded by pretty much determines your work ethic. If your environment feels cold and uncomfortable, how are you going to find the will to do great things?
Personally, I always prefer pretty surroundings, even in School. -Or maybe especially there.
Since many other aspects about class can already stress you out enough, it is helpful to do as much as you can to make your mobile workspace feel as comforting as possible.
By that I mean, making your limited space in class feel homy and personal. If you're a total introvert -like me- this may even be crucial.
I, for my part, can start experiencing serious anxiety when I feel uncomfortable with where I am or/& who I'm with.
One way to bring a piece of comforting home with you into class AND fade down your dull and draining surroundings, is to personalize your school supplies.

This DIY (ew that word is so 2013...) is super quick and easy to make.
All you need is:

  •  a printer
  •  preferably access to a Pinterest account (you can use Google images instead though)
  •  Post-Its
  •  clear sheet protectors
  •  your folder(s)/ringbinder(s)
  •  (optional) some cute washi-tape or stickers

1. Look up cute binder covers online

2. Print out as many binder covers as you have subjects
3. Put them into the clear sheet protectors and into your folder
4. Add a Post-It onto each binder cover and write your subject on it (you can exchange the post-its throughout the years when your subjects change!!!)

5. Now you can obviously decorate the entire binder as much or as little as you like

DONE! <3

xx -Lady Lawyer


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